Another Long Lost K-Tel Album?

People have been hoping for a K-tel Komeback for years, many not knowing that the company still exists and owns a substantial library of re-recorded songs by the original vocalists.  Longtime supporter and friend of the Kollection, Mark first jokingly mentioned "a special 180 gram MFSL red vinyl re-release of "Block Buster" on Record Store Day (4/18/15). MSRP: $49.99" back in March 2015.  HERC seconded the motion in all sincerity with a comment of his own: 
"From your your lips to the ears of the record labels. Over-priced audiophile pressings of the original K-Tel records would be unfreakingbelievably awesome!"
Brandon Hixson picked up the ball and ran a different way with it the following month, creating three K-Tel albums that "should have been" and sharing them on his YouTube channel.  I wrote about them in a post which has since become the Number One Most Spammed and Botted Post here at the K-Tel Kollection.  Since then, he has posted two additional quasi-K-Tel albums: 
Most recently, in a post on his The Vinyl Voyage site about Columbia House happenings and developments, Bruce David Janu took it a step further and posited this question:
"If you could put together the best of K-Tel in one limited edition collector's vinyl, what would you include?"
Time Machine is his answer to his own question.  A "best of" featuring his fourteen favorite songs from 1970-1979 and featured on previous K-tel albums.  BDJ even created beautiful artwork for his dream album - dig those classic K-Tel logos blended into the background on the cover.  As a special courtesy to BDJ, we're featuring his album today, along with a custom Spotify playlist and running it through the K-Tel Scale™.

Billboard Top 40s
Sky HighJigsaw3454
Please Come To BostonDave Loggins517(46)
Stuck In The Middle With YouStealer's Wheel61334
Walking In RhythmThe Blackbyrds6457
Chevy VanSammy Johns555
Living Next Door to AliceSmokie252418
Give Me Just A Little More TimeChairmen Of The Board3894
Sweet City WomanStampeders8572
I'm Not In Love10cc21032
Jackie BlueOzark Mountain Daredevils311
Please Don't GoKC & the Sunshine Band12735
Sylvia's MotherDr. Hook512
Here Comes The NightNick Gilder(44)39


  1. That's awesome, Herc. Thanks for putting it through the scale. Not a bad rating, eh? Most of those songs bring back childhood memories for me which is why I included them on this album. Love your site, by the way. Great hearing those songs, too!

    1. First, thanks to you for all of your efforts in preserving K-Tel's wonderful musical heritage and history.

      Second, not a bad rating at all, Sir! Very respectable!

      Your song choice was very good on this one - I thought Nick Gilder's mama and I were the only ones who liked "Here Comes The Night" and you know I love me some "Sky High"

      Think you can come up with another long lost K-Tel compilation?
      Let me know and I'll feature it here, buddy.