SPECIAL REPORT: Other K-Tel Collections

The pic above is from a current (as of this writing) eBay Buy It Now offer - 233 K-Tel, Ronco and other compilation albums with no duplicates, bagged and tagged, all for a cool Grand. That's certainly an admirable collection, roughly three times the size of The Kollection here so if any of you are still looking for the perfect 50th birthday gift for your boy HERC, this might just be what you are looking for.

While you contemplate bringing a soon-to-be old man a little happiness, watch this video of another man's K-Tel album collection, including duplicates and a few Ronco titles at the end. In the video's comments section, he says he didn't start collecting until late 1884, an amazing 91 year headstart over me. You can check back in 2107 and see if my Kollection is this big but I seriously doubt it.

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