For the first of seven albums from 1978 that will eventually appear here on the K-tel Kollection, where HERC posts a new one every other Monday, he's proud to present Emotions.  Featuring songs from 1975-1978, Emotions is a Seventies love song lover's dream with every song a Top 25 entry on Billboard's Easy Listening chart and Top 30 on the Hot 100.  

Of the sixteen songs gathered on Emotions, HERC owns just one on 45:

The album title Emotions was re-used by K-tel in 1984 for a twelve track collection of love songs with the extended title of "Love Songs From The Heart, '84".  At HERC's current every other week rate of posting, we could see it in 2016 or possibly 2017.  In the meantime, let's review that K-tel Scale score.

Emotions [1978]
K-tel Scale:
Billboard Top 40s
Sometimes When We TouchDan Hill31046
I Go CrazyPaul Davis725731
FallingLeBlanc & Carr131111
This One's For YouBarry Manilow291217
I Don't Like To Sleep AlonePaul Anka88512
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes BlueCrystal Gayle21411
Torn Between Two LoversMary MacGregor13111
Don't Give Up On UsDavid Soul1112
This Time I'm In It For LovePlayer102013
Love's Grown DeepKenny Nolan20325
Right Times of the NightJennifer Warnes617158
Gone Too FarEngland Dan & John Ford Coley2381739
Get CloserSeals & Crofts6272
If I Can't Have YouYvonne Elliman1919
EmotionSamantha Sang3511

Since none of the songs crossed over to the Disco chart, HERC swapped the category out with the Country chart where three songs on the album crossed over.  Along with a sole R&B crossover, Emotions managed to post a respectable 33.88, good enough for seventh place in the current Top 10 K-tel Scale scores.

Listen to Canadian version of Emotions or HERC's super-sized CAN-AM version of Emotions.


  1. [head explodes. overloaded with soft rock goodness]

  2. I probably should have put some kind of label on this one just in case the soft rock kid wandered by:


    1. No, you don't need to put no stinking labels on here. That was the one good thing that we had back then. No Tipper Gore and no PMRC!! Back then, it was bad enough that movies had labels in the form of ratings, because my parents hardly ever let me go to an "R" rated movie back then, plus the state where I live in had a law on the books that required movie theatres to require proof of ID showing age before they'd admit you in, which they further expanded to video rental shops when they became popular in the 1980's. I'll give you the perfect example, the movie "The Blue Lagoon" came out in 1980 and because my parents could not afford cable, I had to wait until 1987 when I turned 18 before I got to finally see it.