GET DANCIN' [1983]

Not to be confused with or mistaken for either the 1975 album or the 2006 CD both with the same name [Get Dancin'], the same label [K-Tel] and the same country of origin [UK], Get Dancin' was issued in 1983 here in the States. The album contains a dozen tracks with crossover potential on the R&B and Dance/Disco charts as stated in the album's subtitle: HOT HITS TO GET YOU MOVIN'.
I like Get Dancin' a lot, I really do. (My sister also had this one on cassette though I could find no good scans to use.) It's got a great tracklist and sounds equally well whether played straight through or on random/shuffle. I'm not too sure there are many Top 10 or even Top 20 Pop hits to be found here. I'm thinking these are all Top 10 on the R&B or Dance charts. Except "Mickey" which I know was a Number One hit. I'm hoping that there's enough cross-over chart action that Get Dancin' scores around the running average score, which is currently sitting at just over 28.
GET DANCIN' [1983]
Billboard Top 40s
Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh La, La, La)Kool & The Gang30729
Let Me Tickle Your FancyJermaine Jackson1852422
Forget Me NotsPatrice Rushen234222
Never Too MuchLuther Vandross331427
Jump To ItAretha Franklin241428
GloriaLaura Branigan24281
MickeyToni Basil132
I'm So ExcitedPointer Sisters9(46)282510
Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)Q-Feel(75)18
The MessageGrandmaster Flash & The Furious 5(62)412(94)
I Really Don't Need No LightJeffrey Osborne393(42)(51)
Love Come DownEvelyn King171127
We knew "Mickey" was a chart-topper but we had forgotten that "I'm So Excited" was a relative flop on the charts when it was originally released in 1982. As we always have here on The K-Tel Kollection, whenever there are conflicting chart numbers we err on the side of the single, using the most beneficial ranking. Unfortunately, the 1984 remix and release of "I'm So Excited" failed to chart on the R&B chart. All in all, a score of 28.67 is a little better than my prediction for Get Dancin' and actually bumps the overall average score up a smidge from 28.21 to 28.22 after 74 albums.
Next time out, we'll head out from the clubs to the streets for our first album from 1984, with tracks by Culture Club, Naked Eyes, and Madness.

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  1. I love that album but Next Week I'm gonna get that 1983 K-Tel Record Album at The Goodwill Store!