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An anonymous comment was received last month here at the K-Tel Kollection bringing to my attention the playists posted by Spotify user K-Tel Records. So I looked up their playlists, which had never come up in my research, though I have featured other user's playlists when found. I created the chart below with the playlists we have in common in alphabetical order for easy reference. You'll notice that K-Tel Records even created playlists for the Canadian versions of their albums just as I have been doing all along. Clicking on dates under The K-Tel Collection header will take you to that album's featured post. Clicking on dates under K-Tel Records header will take you to Spotify playlist. Please note that the date a song was added to a playlist is clearly noted for each song and way more often than not, my playlists were created before their playlists, which were for the most part created in June 2015.

Official K-Tel Album Playlists on Spotify
The K-TelK-Tel Records
197636 Super Gold Hits1/13/20146/8/2015
1980Best Of Bowie1/15/20161/11/2016
1976Block Buster12/2/20136/5/20156/5/2015
1979Circuit Breaker1/26/20156/8/2015
1976Disco Dynamite2/10/20146/8/2015
1978Disco Fire7/14/20146/8/2015
1975Disco Mania11/4/20136/5/2015
1977Disco Motion4/21/20146/8/2015
1977Disco Rocket6/2/20146/8/2015
1981Full Tilt9/30/20136/8/20156/8/2015
1979Gold Rush 7912/1/20146/5/2015
1979High Energy11/3/20146/10/2015
1981High Voltage8/3/20156/10/2015
1982Hit Express1/25/20166/10/2015
1976Hit Machine1/27/20146/5/20156/5/2015
1979Hot Nights & City Lights1/12/20156/10/2015
1976Mind Bender12/16/20136/8/20156/8/2015
1977Music Explosion3/24/20146/5/2015
1975Music Express11/11/20136/4/2015
1977Music Machine5/19/20146/5/2015
1978Music Magic7/28/20146/8/2015
1975Out Of Sight10/21/20136/8/2015
1976Power House12/30/20136/8/20156/8/2015
1980Power Play11/17/20146/5/20156/5/2015
1977Pure Gold Collection5/5/20146/5/2015
1977Pure Power3/10/20146/8/2015
1976Right On2/24/20146/5/20156/5/2015
1980Rock 805/4/20156/10/20156/10/2015
1980Sound Waves4/6/20156/10/20156/10/2015
1975Sounds Spectacular10/28/20136/8/2015
1978Star Power6/30/20146/5/2015
1978Super Star Collection9/8/20146/8/2015
1975Superhits Of The Superstars11/18/20136/5/2015
1982The Beat4/4/20166/10/2015
1978The Hot Ones8/25/20146/8/20156/8/2015
1980The Rock Album12/15/20146/10/20156/10/2015
1980Wings Of Sound4/20/20156/10/20156/10/2015

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